Se7en Deadly Sins Coming Soon

Se7en Deadly Sins is a book series that I am currently working on.  The Sinclair family is made up of Betty and Harper.  They are the matriarch and patriarch of 7 children.  They weren't able to have children so they adopted 6 boys.  Boys that came from nothing or something but just had no place to belong.  They gave them that place.  Then along came Lacy.  She is the only child that is theirs by blood, and the one that is the most lost.  I can't wait to share all of their stories.

The first that will be completed is Envy.

This is Jared and Trinity's story. She was kidnapped, raped, beaten and left for dead by someone that only wanted to use her position at the DA's office to help his crime family.  She was placed in the witness protection program but keeps having to be moved, and her identity changed because there is a leak in the US Marshall's office.  Only her two field agents know where she is in Texas, and one undercover Marshall able to protect her, and ferret out who the leak really is.  Her heart has been crushed, and she has lost everyone she has ever turned to for help.  The Sinclair family is everything she has ever wanted.  Everything she has ever dreamed a family should be, and she will be forced to walk away when the danger finds her again.  But this time the identity she is forced to take, is the only one she ever wants to keep.

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Chapter 1 –

A meaty hand pressed against her mouth and nose making it hard to breathe. She’d stopped screaming hours ago after being smothered repeatedly. Her voice now forgotten after the reality of this nightmare settled into her skin.

She was cold, and they’d never find her. The FBI. She knew that now. For hours she’d waited for the tell tale sign of burning in her shoulder when her skin tracker lit up. If they were within a 40 mile radius of her they could activate the tracker they had implanted there the day before and a GPS computer could triangulate her location within a few miles. She was told that the closer they got to her, the more accurate the tag was. They told her they could track her anywhere, as long as they were close enough to start with. She’d waited for hours. Prayed they’d find her…but nothing. Now she knew to the emptiness in her soul that that was probably a good thing. She was ruined. Knew that was what these men had wanted to do to her, but her split bloody lips wouldn’t allow her to form words to admit it. At least she could die with a shred of her pride as her cold naked body was wracked with another set of violent shivers.

“This is your fault Tegan,” a gruff voice admonished from somewhere to her left as the man holding her down, drug his sweaty body off and stepped away with a satisfied groan.

Her head fell to the side and she tried to open her eyes but they had swelled shut when she’d lost consciousness the last time.

“What? No witty come backs? No snide comments to answer now?”

That voice, she knew that voice. It was Paul Masters, her boyfriend. The man that had betrayed her and their country. The one she was supposed to turn states evidence against for the FBI. She managed to get her mouth open but nothing came out but a whisper of pain.

Tears fell from her eyes and stung her face as she heard someone approach. She knew it was Paul and was amazed she could still feel fear. His voice was so restrained. Her body must resemble something from a horror movie and he still spoke with his typical unaffected air of superiority.

She felt breath on her face and wondered if her flesh could survive the touch of another. She willed her body to roll over on the hard steel table they had thrown her down on when they first brought her in bound and gagged. Protecting her poor battered body was something she just couldn’t muster.

“I can’t believe you decided to fuck me over.”

Her arms shifted lifelessly at her sides as a hand gripped her hair and pulled her face up to his. She tried to muster the strength to reach up and scratch his face. A weak flex of her fingers was all that resulted. How could he sound so calm and self righteous with what he put her through?

“Did you really think I didn’t know the FBI had contacted you? Did you really think I was just going to let them take me down like that? After all I’d worked for? After all I’d built?”

He gently let her hair go and her body landed back on the hard table with a thud as her head hit the metal. Again blackness swam all around her as she sucked air in through her more than likely broken nose. The smell of blood, and the vile things that had been done to her made bile rise in her throat.

“I would have given you everything Tegan. We could have been the unstoppable power couple. Everything would have been at your fingertips. Houses on every continent. Cars, clothes, jewelry, servants.” He traced his fingers across her abdomen and then wrapped his hands around her throat with just enough pressure to assure her what he was capable of.

She hadn’t known what he was. Had been dating him for months and he had been charming and attentive. But something had been off. She’s never trusted him fully and didn’t know why, not until she stepped into her boss’s office late one night and came face to face with two FBI agents and the truth, did she know what was lurking underneath. He wasn’t a man, he was a monster.

Her mouth moved again but only a muffled groan escaped.

“I wanted you. I wanted you more than anyone else,” he whispered.

Because you couldn’t have me without force you asshole. That’s what she thought as his hands roamed over her breast eliciting her skin to crawl.

“He just wanted me to shoot you and make it look like an accident. But what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” he said in a flat voice as he continued to grope her. “I had to make an example of you, you understand.”

Understand? He wanted her to understand what he’d had done to her. Her kidnapping and torture. And who was this he, he kept talking about? She knew Paul wasn’t the top of the food chain in his organization, but hated to think there were more people like him out there.

“You could have joined me, but now you’re just a liability. I had every plan to take you before the boys disposed of you, but I really don’t think I want to get bloody today. Guess some of the boys appetites are a little extreme, eh? You’ve been bleeding for the past hour or so all over the table, so I don’t think you’ll last in the hole very long.”

Internal bleeding. So that’s what all the pain was about.

Hole? They were going to bury her alive. Her death was unavoidable since she had no way to fight. It had been inevitable after the hit and run with the SUV. Well if her mind was all she had left than she’d go out swinging. Giving him the satisfaction to know he had gotten to her wouldn’t sit well with her in the afterlife.

“I want you to die knowing who did this to you Tegan. You know who I am right?”

Her head gave one tiny nod in the affirmative and Paul chuckled as he smoothed hair out of her face.

Words partially formed and breathed past her lips as she heard Paul turn and bark orders in Italian at somebody across the cavernous room they were in. She still felt the warmth of his hand resting next to her.

She heard plastic rustling and knew she only had a few more seconds. She used the rest of her strength to drag her hand across the table and touch his. A movement of air reached her as he turned around, and faced her she hoped. She couldn’t see a thing so she just hoped he was looking at her.

Her lips moved again but her mouth was so dry that she couldn’t form words.

“Oh, do you have something you want to tell me honey?” he asked in his cultured voice. She could see his smug smile in her mind and wanted to rip his throat out. A stream of Italian that she had always thought was sexy, until now, filled the room, and a few moments later a glass filled with liquid met her lips. She drank greedily at the water and felt it slide down her throat. Her mind was so focused on the fluid wetness hitting her empty belly she never felt the tracker under her shoulder begin to burn.

When she was done and the glass had been removed and she again was laid out on the table, Paul moved in close to her face. She heard rustling of clothing and figured he’d brought everyone in so they could hear her beg for her life. They probably wanted to know what she would be willing to do to live. Wanted to know what she still had worth trading for her life.

“So mi amore. What did you want to say to me?” He asked with nothing short of his usual smirk.

Some of his assholes chuckled and she could hear them murmuring under their breath.

She cleared her throat and weakly said, “Huck Hugh.” Most of the whispering stopped and Paul yanked her upper body off the table. Blood ran down her face from her nose, and she could clearly hear the plink plink of blood running off the table and collecting in what was surely a puddle forming on the floor.

“What did you just say to me?” he nearly choked with anger as spittle hit her face. So he wasn’t as unaffected as he tried to act. Thought she was just going to willingly be raped, and beaten, and then roll over and die. Well. Fuck. That.

Tegan cracked one eye lid open and stared into Paul’s furious face that was seething with unbridled rage. She opened her mouth again and with everything she had left said very clearly, “Fuck. You.”

A small smile pulled at her lips a second before an open palm slapped the consciousness from her mind.